VST Compo - 100% synthetic music workshop!

We all know, the world of synthetic VSTi is quite huge right now. Tons of free VSTi in the internet, yeah! Few seconds and our harddrive is full with stuff like 'one scilator aNaLouGe synthesizer'. Even if we are happy in first few seconds, he are confused in few next months. The point is - the VSTi quantity is not equal to the VSTi quality! This is the main reason why I decided to organise VST compo. We don't need tons of new VSTi, we need only few, but high quality ones. We need to gather experience in using synthetic VSTi. We need to exchange experience with other musicans and at last, we need FUN!

It's our choice if VSTi will be our way, or VSTi will be away!

Main Compo rules:

  • The point is to create music using only sounds based on real time synthesis. The composition should be an original song of the author, not published/released yet.
  • It's allowed to use only freeware VST/VSTi synthesizers and VST-DSP units. No samples allowed - no mercy!


  • 20.10.2011 - VST-host registration, VST/VSTi registration. The list of VST/VSTi, VST-host will be frozen and no possible to add/remove any VSTi from the list after this time.
    • 20.11.2011 - Deadline.
    • 27.11.2011 - Voting.
    • 01.12.2011 - Results.


    • 1st place - One VST from D16 SliverLine Collection, plese see details here.
    • 2nd place - toster.
    • No more prices so far (sponsors welcome).

    Other compo rules:

    • Base platforms are all registered VST-hosts.
    • Base instruments are all registered freeware VST-instruments and VST-effects.
    • Registration rules:

      Everyone interested in compo have to send me the vst-host name he is going to use. In this case I have no reason to deny anything, I will put the VST-host in the host-list allowed for compo. So, send me any VST-host you want... I will put a 'VST/VSTi list allowed' in compo rules too.

      Everyone interested in compo will send me vst/vsti plug-in names he is going to use. In this case I may have some reasons to deny it, I will update or not, the list with your proposals. So, send me any vst/vsti you want...

    • Composed tune should be sent for compo in source and in MP3 file. Additionaly all sounds participated in the music compo should be sent in *.fxb format or native format of the VST plug-in.
    • Afret competetion all compositions (mp3 and source files) will be freely available as 'open source' on this www page.
    • In case any doubts about realtime synthesis (some VST plugins are based samples), author of VST plugin will have to confirm realtime synthesis of his instrument. Until positive response, the VST plugin will get 'handled' status, the same with compositions where the instrument is used.
    • Samples are all recorded audio bitstream files (like *.wav).

    VST host list allowed in the compo:

    Ableton 8 link

    BeRo Tracker link

    Buzz Tracker link

    Cubase 6 link

    FL Studio 10 link

    MadTracker 2.6.1 link

    OpenMPT link

    Reaper 4.02 link

    Renoise 2.7.0 link

    Sonar X1 link

    VST plug-ins list allowed in the compo:

    Arppe2600VA link

    CM-505 link

    Drumatic link

    Farbrausch V2 link

    G-Red RediZER1, G-Red Blood One link

    g200kg Proto PGS link

    Green Oak Crystal link

    Iblit link

    Icecream link

    Itchy Seismik, Itchy Punch, Itchy Resonance, Itchy Skycraper, Itchy Wonkeyc. link

    KX-SYNTH-X16-V3 link

    Teyrell Nexus 6 link

    Tomine GT link

    Pontus Olsson pooBoy 2 link

    Rumpelrausch Taips Crazy Diamonds, Rumpelrausch Taips AZR3. link

    Sam VOPM link

    SubDuer link

    SuperWave P8 link

    Synth1 link

    TranceDrive link